More Than Memories Estate Sale Services


More Than Memories Estate Sale Services


 More Than Memories Estate Sale Service is here to help you during your time of need.   We are  a "one-stop-shop" offering a broad range of services that will assist you with your estate sale. The expertise of our specialized team ranges from merchandising, antique assessment and pricing,  to advertising placement, special sale set-up, logistics and sales.

 More Than Memories Estate Sale Service takes great pride in honest communication and your own specialized needs assessment.   We understand that “time is of the essence” and, therefore, quickly evaluate your items to determine if our service will be beneficial to you.  In our eyes, we see everything as valuable including any special requests you might have that are specific to your estate.  We will come prepared to give you a realistic retail value estimate, we have 40 years of combined experience in the antique business, and all necessary resources to ensure your confidence in a fast, accurate and professional service.

 During our initial free estimate, we determine how long it will take to prepare for the sale and can answer any general questions that might arise.  Family members must decide what they want from the estate before the estimate takes place so that we can provide you with an accurate assessment figure for your estate’s market value.

 We will be fully responsible for coordinating and staffing the sale. This includes merchandising/item organization, and display so that there is a clean and welcoming sales environment for your potential buyers. It is very important that the home be both orderly and “fresh” for the duration of the sale.  We will employ additional staff and security on an "as needed" basis.   We will make arrangements for all publicity, including placing ads in local/community newspapers, designing fliers, and utilizing our exclusive database of antique dealers and private collectors giving your estate maximum visibility.


Cleaning Up Before The Service Arrives

When you begin preparing a home for an estate sale DO NOT THROW AWAY ANYTHING until you have More Than Memories Estate Sale Service walk through the home. 


Unexpected items of value include: 

Old magazines 

Children's games and dolls 

Logo-type ashtrays (such as ashtray from casino's that no longer exist) 

Sports memorabilia (such as mishmash of college football glasses) 

Gaudy costume jewelry 

Vintage or dated clothing and accessories (shoes, hats, gloves) 

Books, music albums and 8-tracks 


Dated kitchen utensils, bowls, everyday dishes 

Chipped, broken dishes or glassware (craft people love this stuff.) 


What Happens After The Sale Is Over?   

  Items that are not sold will go to the family or can be donated to charity or be liquidated, which is a service we will also provide.   Most importantly you will take comfort in our primary goal; to facilitate your estate sale preferences.  The employees that work at the sale will be paid from the estate at the end of the sale and a detailed/itemized receipt will be provided at that time.    At the conclusion of our business together, all profits will be tallied, recorded and reported to the designated “head of the household,” at which point any remaining balance owed will be settled.  A $1000.00 minimum or 30% of the total revenue for the sale will go to More Than Memories Estate Sale Service as payment for services.


Our business philosophy and commitment to our clients:

    We are committed to providing our clients with quality service and honest representation throughout the entire estate sale process.

    We are committed to demonstrating a great amount of respect for our clients, their property and the sensitive nature that surrounds our services.

    We are committed to an honest and transparent range of services that includes constant open dialogue with you.

    We are committed to providing a wide variety of services (from merchandising to expedient sales services) that best meets the unique needs of each client.

    We are committed to developing and maintaining long-term business relationships with each of our clients


Our commitment to our employees and team members:


  We value personnel who demonstrate a dedication to our business philosophy, respecting the client, teamwork, productivity, honesty, integrity, and service to the customer.

  We are committed to screening, hiring, and fairly compensating personnel who help our team to achieve our business objectives and philosophy.

  We are committed to the long-term growth of our business. We will not allow the opportunity for short-term growth or profit to compromise achieving our long-standing business philosophy and vision.

Our friendly and welcoming team takes the ultimate level of pride about the manner in which we operate our business and assures that you make the maximum amount of profit from the sale.


More Than Memories Estate Sale Service will bring a wealth of experience and valuable advice to families and executors who face the task of liquidating an estate.


Together with our highly experienced staff and the representatives of the estate, tasks are set and timetables established for totally emptying the property while maximizing profits. More Than Memories Estate Sale Service is well known throughout the Duluth MN. & Superior WI. area and has an enthusiastic following that insures successful sales.


For more information, please call: (218)-733-5640